LLVM 2.5


Seit knapp zwei Wochen gibt es die Version 2.5 des LLVM Projekts. Dort gibt es wieder grosse Fortschritte zu verzeichnen.

Die Highlights sind:
Clang now has a new driver, which is focused on providing a GCC-compatible interface.
The X86-64 ABI is now supported, including support for the Apple 64-bit Objective-C runtime and zero cost exception handling.
Precompiled header support is now implemented.
Objective-C support is significantly improved beyond LLVM 2.4, supporting many features, such as Objective-C Garbage Collection.
Variable length arrays are now fully supported.
C99 designated initializers are now fully supported.
Clang now includes all major compiler headers, including a redesigned tgmath.h and several more intrinsic headers.
Many many bugs are fixed and many features have been added.

So macht das Programmieren spass.

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